Transpile Intent

Empower teams to emit native code for any platform, without switching language

  • Decouple syntax from semantics
  • No more developer time wasted learning new syntax
  • No more frustrating typos caused by switching between similar languages
  • High level primitives for common concepts like types, networking, and concurrency
  • Native emissions to any language, without virtual machines or frameworks
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Democratise Compilation

Empower teams to introspect, instrument, and optimise their code, from their code

  • Write build logic in the same language as your business logic
  • Dictate how the compiler transforms your code, to match your use case
  • No need to configure a flaky and fragmented toolchain
  • Mix and match plugins across a fully programmable pipeline

(Build Logic + Business Logic) → Native Code

Embrace the semantics of the target platform, abstract where you need to

TypeScript source...
TypeScript code
...sempiled to Swift
Swift code